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On training; and excellent food in Las Vegas

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2007 at 4:08 am

Education. I’m in Las Vegas again; this time doing more training on Voice over IP (VoIP) for another service provider here. I just had a thought today: the idea of training is to educate people. But I naively think of education as happening mostly when I say the information that I want the students to learn. Just because I say it, does that make them educated? Just because the information is conveyed verbally, does information conveyance accomplish education?

I know students in my training courses seem generally satisfied. I’ve never gotten a complaint, but have gotten some positive comments. But why? Is it because they’re able to work with VoIP systems more effectively, or just because they feel trained? How much of the positive feeling is because they got a break from the regular routine?

I think I need to learn more about education.

Good eating. When Hayden came with me to Las Vegas once, she scouted out some really good restaurants here — all local places, and all off of “the strip”. My favorite is Lotus of Siam. I went tonight, and actually had to wait a bit for a table — it was the first time for me to have to wait. I don’t think any customers at Lotus were dressed up; most were in casual jeans and khakis (or equivalent female costumes representing ease); some were in shorts. The wait staff moved about quickly, rapidly cleaning tables as folks depart, reorganizing for larger parties. They seem to fill in for each other — I’ve never been serviced by only one waiter at Lotus. It’s casual, but seems very efficient.

And the food is really good. It’s almost as good as eating home cookin’. Tonight, I got Tom Kah Kai soup, which they describe as having sliced chicken in coconut milk, with straw mushrooms, glanga, lemon grass and some lime. It’s sort of orange and yummy. I then got Nua Yum Katiem, a dish of sliced charbroiled beef on sliced cabbage, made with fresh garlic and spicy tamarind sauce. I eat it with rice. The beef and sauce was great, too. And, of course, I always have to get dessert: Coconut ice cream with sticky rice. The sticky rice is slightly warm, and the coconut ice cream seems to be made entirely of coconut milk. It’s also excellent.


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