Mark R Lindsey

Thanks Given

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2010 at 4:51 pm

“for Grace of God through my bride, and for this body, and the way you've shown love to us. And for Larry Trotter ” [pastor]

“for Christ, who has allowed me to do my thing — but this year for the last three weeks, has been roundhouse kicking me. Sometimes like Jonah you get tired of running. For a wife, and beautiful kids. For a church family loving on me. For a pastor teaching God's words.”

“for this Service”

“for a church praying, and for pregnancy support services, and a daughter in church this morning”

“for God showing me that I need to follow Him, even if there aren't big miracles and mountains falling. And for softening my heart.”

“for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins”

“for a roof over my head and clothes to keep me warm”

“after a rough year, with my husband having two heart attacks in eight days, for a church being there for us and praying for us.”

“for the Lord directing my steps through all of you, the body of Christ”

“for God, though He doesn't do things the way you think He's going to do things, he's always faithful. For my daughter and grandson all here and doing well. For your prayers.”

“for my family, especially my Dad.”

“for a home to live in.”

“for a pastor, who was once my student requiring much supervision.”

Thanks given in the 10:45 am meeting at North Wake Church, Wake Forest, NC.


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