Mark R Lindsey

Thanks Given

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2009 at 5:01 pm

A year of grace and blessing for a family

A family who showed him The Way

A family back together and many in it who are now Christians and
restoration with an old husband

A new church an welcome and opportunity to lead by example among young

God's provision of money and a job and opportunities to share the

A safe and welcoming return home every week

A great youth group and intellectual leader and teacher for youth

Freedom in this country

Strength from God to be a leader at home, even though I fail quite
often, God is present to lift me up, and a church who encourages fathers

Conquering grace and love of God

Friends and family

A grandma recovering well from a stroke

Two cousins who have come to Christ

Being a Christian

Leadership at this Church

Refreshment and Gladness and joy of this Church

God providing plenty of work and making the work possible

Assurance that God will never abandon me even when I abandon Him, and
that He presses me to trust Him

Peace in troubled times

Trials as a proof of my faith, and of my salvation, and that God's
grace outlasts times of blessing.

Adoption of two beautiful girls

My family

A husband trusting God through a hard time, and for health and
recovery from surgery, and for this body who prayed

A church helping youth get ready to go to college

God teaching me about humility and depth of love and propitiation and

Health of a husband and healing of his heart from arythmia after a
long year of illness

— Thanks to The One True God given by 27 people at North Wake Church
this morning.


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