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The nature of faith/trusting — James 1:2 etc.

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What does James 1:2-4 teach us about the nature of faith?

These are approximate (not word for word) quotes.

“Faith generates energy / produces / brings out / creates endurance.”

“Faith less us make it – survive.”

“The energy produced is potential energy, like a capacitor that stores charge for a future time. We're not always inundated with trials.”

“We have the option of growing and being mature, or not growing.”

“Its not about going out and kicking up your heals…it's about testing /proving the Love of God, or Faith in the Faithfulness of God.”


James 1:5: ask God for Wisdom. “The idea of wisdom is not 'sophia', the Greek idea, but more an idea of skill, which is a Jewish/Hebrew idea.”

“We get wisdom from a source who is 'healthy' and wants us to be healthy. (contrast with pagan gods who had low self esteem and had to be stroked or gratified.)”

James 1:5 “When we ask God for help, we'd better expect God to be involved.”

James 1:6 “We have to put the weight of our lives on the love of God” The idea is that if we don't ever completely trust God and depend on Him to deal with the hard questions, then we're going to be thrown around like waves or in confusion, and we're never going to be able to expect anything.

notes from New Community Church Bible study this morning, led by Frank Green.


Why has Adobe Flash player succeeded where Real Player failed?

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Why has Adobe Flash player succeeded where Real Player failed? I started using Real Player for streaming media back in 1996 or so.

Along came Windows Media player, but who wanted to endorse Microsoft?

Then later came Adobe Flash, and it’s everywhere. So why has Flash become so popular, displacing Real Player?