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Notes on James study led by Frank Green at New Community Church, Raleigh. James 1:1-4

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Notes on James study led by Frank Green at New Community Church, Raleigh

Frank Green's teaching —

Martin Luther thought that James contradicted Paul. So Luther didn't
think it belonged in the Canon.

Some believe James belonged to the circumcision sect, that Gentiles
had to become Jews first.

Some people also think I started as a commentary on the sermon on the
mount, and especially the beatitudes.

Lots of Christians were leaving Jerusalem at this time. Both non-
Christian Jews and Romans didn't like Christians.

James 1:1
By referring to Christians as the twelve tribes, James was referring
to natural Jews and Gentile Christian. He was redefining what it mean
to be a descendent I Abraham.

James 1:2. “count it all joy when you face various kinds of trials”.
James is saying that God's love will have the last word despite all
the bad things that can happen. Whenever you face crushing
cirumstances, remember that God loves you. [MRL note: I don't quite
see how to extract all that from this verse. He connects it to the
word Chara somehow.]

James 1:3. “testing of your trust” He's also saying to think it
through, and really understand the love of God. J is saying to ask the
tough question.

“Perseverence” means “you will make it” even though it's really tough.
We're not called to live in a party, as if nothing bothers us.

James 1:4. “let perseverance do its conplete world” Character,
clarity, understanding of who you are, emotional intelligence grows.

You learn that God's love, Shalom enables you to endure anything.

Example: 1960s killing of girls in Alabama. The parents are haunted by
the pain, and God's love was helping them to make it.

It's unrealistic to pretend to be happy. It's ok to actually feel the


Note from Robert S: David Jeremiah is preaching on James and brings a
different perspective.

Note from (unknown student): there aren't any tiny nuggets for living
that you can just get and have an easy time of it.


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