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"The Shack" Sermon Series: "The Invitation"

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George Fuller is teaching a series related to the book, “The Shack”. These are notes on his first sermon in that series, “The Invitation”.

GF's views:

GF purpose: to change our relationship with God; to be more secure in God's love.

Sometimes the love of God surprises us. But we should progress so that we anticipate the invitation, and aren't so surprised.

Genesis 12:1-3 — The call of Abram. God was calling Abram out of polytheism. Unlike the Shack which is fictional, this call of Abram really happened.

Exodus 3:1-8 — The call of Moses.
This had to be surprising to Moses. This encounter changed everything.

1 Kings 19:11-14 — God speaking to Elijah throug the gentle whisper. Elijah hears something that lets him reject his culture and stand for God.

John 12:23-33 — Jesus announcing he will be crucified.

It may be “irrational” to thing Jesus lived and died and was risen. And it is irrational, but it's true.

We must go to a “place” we can find God and be really Real — where we can be saved, be taught.

We have to learn to be relational, rather than trying to win arguments with rationality.

If you have ears to hear, and a desire to know, the accept the invitation of the gospel.

For Mack in the story, the invitation was to the shack. But for us right now, God is always here inviting us.

— End GF views


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