Mark R Lindsey

Knowing where I am

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2008 at 1:04 pm

DIRECTLY ABOVE US-1, TRUITTS PARK, DELAWARE: Hayden and I had our TomTom One XL GPS receiver stolen. We replaced it with a refurbishedTomTom GO 720.

DIRECTLY ABOVE VILLAS, NEW JERSEY — This is the first time i've had a gps receiver that seemed to work in an airplane. The One XL

DIRECTLY ABOVE BURLEIGH, NEW JERSEY — didn't pick up the signal when I had tried. Also, my external Magellan RS-232-serial-connected model that I used to use on my laptop didn't pick up a signal either. As an aside, Delta used to list GPS receivers in the “never permitted” category of electronic devices. Now it's not mentioned at all. Flashlights aren't listed either, and they're allowed.

DIRECTLY ABOVE ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY — But this model works. We're going 549 mph. It can pick up 11 satellites; I think it needs five to function. It's actually really fun to see where we are, and generally follow the course of the plane.

I wonder if they were really concerned about RF emissions from the satellite receiver, or if it had something to do with controlling knowledge of the passengers.


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