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Palm ChatterMail

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2008 at 2:05 pm

2008 Sept 21 — I have a Palm Treo 755p. My company has provided it to me. Several of my colleagues have migrated over to the iPhone, at their own expense. But I’m still a Treo user. I’ve mentioned before that I have several applications that I want to keep using that are written for the Palm. Now that Apple lets people write other tools for the iPhone, it will surely accumulate a good library of tools.

Email applications on the Treo have been decidedly old-school. Versamail came with my Sprint Treo. It could successfully send and receive messages, usually, but for some reason the auto-synchronize feature really didn’t work.

ChatterMail seems to be a much more modern tool. It can successfully synchronize email while I’m doing other things. It has some settings that make the battery life acceptable, even though it’s constantly online. I have the Sprint unlimited plan, so the data doesn’t cost any more.

I haven’t bought it yet; I’m in the 30-day free trial. After two weeks of trying it, my Treo started rebooting. I noticed that it would reboot shortly after ChatterMail would connect. It didn’t reboot if I didn’t let ChatterMail connect. I just re-installed the files on the Treo, and that seemed to resolve it.

UPDATE 2008 September 24 — ChatterMail/ChatterEmail stopped working for me recently. It would connect to the server, login, then my phone (Treo 755p with Sprint) would reboot/reset. Apparently resets are a common problem with ChatterMail users. “JoshM”, the site administrator for, seems to represent the software. In one long and active thread about resets, he seems to have finally given up late one night:

Sorry you are having issues with Chatteremail – I would recommend that you contact your place of purchase and request a refund.


But why should software work fine for so long, then suddenly break? ChatterMail had worked for about two weeks before it died.

I deleted ChatterMail from my Treo, then re-installed it (i.e., copied the PRC and PDB files back over to the Treo). I was storing my mailboxes on the SD card, so the newly-installed ChatterMail detected that, and imported the mail. When it connected, the phone rebooted.

I considered doing a hard reset, then re-installing ChatterMail. But I’m not that committed: if that’s the sort of maintenance required, then I don’t care to use it. So I wanted to find a way to use it that doesn’t require that sort of maintenance.

Now I’m on this theory: what if there’s something wrong with using an SD card? Perhaps there’s a critical bug that breaks when the SD card file size for the mailbox goes above 8 MB or some such. So I un-checked “Store mail on SD card”, and now I’m testing it. At the present, it’s working fine.

  1. Thanks a lot, mate! The same thing happened to my Treo 650. I got rid of the SD Card recovery and shazzam!Thanks a million mate, you rock!!!—Neo

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