Mark R Lindsey

Treo 755p, Tomtom One XL, and Sprint

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2008 at 3:18 am

The TomTom can use the phone to connect to the Internet to get weather, download Points of Interest, and potentially other nifty things.

But I had never gotten it to work. Hayden was driving through a long stretch of South Carolina, and I had time to kill, so I decided to explore the options.

So I just got my Treo 755p working with my TomTom One XL using Sprint as my cell phone service provider. I have the unlimited voice and data plan with sprint.

I started the wireless connection setup on the TomTom. Then on the Treo, I turned on Bluetooth, and had it search for devices. It found the TomTom, though it only showed it as a MAC address.

I had tried to pair the TomTom to an older Treo 700p, but had no success. To make the TomTom forget the old 700p, I reset it to factory defaults. (I wish I knew a better way.)

On the TomTom, I set up the wireless data connection like so:

Device Type: other

Service Provider: other

Set it up manually? Yes

Phone number to dial: #777

Username: engineersconsulti01

Blank password (this is important)

Blank script

Note that this username is what I got from Preferences – Network – Modify. It had been set on the phone automatically via Sprint's provisioning system.


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