Mark R Lindsey

Why I still like PalmOS

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2008 at 3:24 am

There are lots of palmos-like phone gadgets out there. The iphone got a lot of free advertising recently, but nokia has something, as does the blackberry company Research In Motion. Then, there are the Windows Mobile devices, and google apparently has some mobile phone software.

But PalmOS has a distinct advantage: it's really really old, and folks have been writing programs for it for a long time. There are myriad neat applications that I use regularly.

Pssh, for example. It has a bad random number generator, as i'm told regularly, but it's very nice to have an ssh client.

There's also pcash. I've been tracking personal spending in that for years. It's another free application.

The grump recently pointed me to some old free palmos games from pdamill. I've never had use of a palm game before. It's pretty nifty.

There's also calorieking, which I crank up to monitor my eating sometime. And the Olive Tree BibleReader.

And besides those, many other applications. I'm sorta like PC users who can't switch to macos x because of all the PC applications they can't get for Mac. I might switch to iphone, e.g., if only it had the applications I use.


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