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Review: Meadow Village Restaurant, Meadow, NC

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The Meadow Village Restaurant in Meadow, NC near Benson, NC has very good food. It has normal people working there who seem friendly. It has old folks eating who remind me of my Mom’s mom.

It’s very close to the intersection of I-40 and I-95, in North Carolina. Take I-40 east from I-95 to the “Meadow” exit; turn right, then drive about half a mile, then it’s at the intersection on your left across from the Volunteer Fire Department.

Layer Cake This is a southern-food buffet, meaning they always have fried chicken and seasoned vegetables. They always have cornbread and hushpuppies. And they always have dessert — genuine layer cakes, chocolate meringue pies with meringue two inches tall. They don’t cut tiny slices of dessert for you, either — you’re treated like an adult, and expected to cut a slice that’s the right size for you. Or maybe two slices.

Buffet Bars at the Meadow Restaurant There are five buffet bars; one has salad, one has vegetables, one has meats, one has ice cream (at our last visit), and one has desserts. The vegetables are well seasoned (not just dumped from a can). We last went on a Friday night, and thus got lots of access to fried fish, shrimp, and stuffed crab.

With tax, the dinner (i.e., meaning supper) buffet is $9.50. Expect to wait in line to get in on Sunday after church.

Dessert Buffet Fish and Corn Logs Dessert Buffet Fish on Buffet Fried Chicken and Boiled Shrimp Fatback, barbecue, and sausage Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, and Stewed Apples

  1. I make it a point to be near Meadow around lunch time when going to and from Raleigh – Emerald Isle. Been eating there for years.

  2. I took the wife, daughter and grandkids to the Meadow Restaurant on Sunday, 19 July 2009. My HOG club has gone there but I have missed every trip, so I decided to go with the family instead. I must say the food was great and all the homemade desserts were wonderful. I will definitely go back. Only difficulty was it's small and you may have to wait in a long line, especially on Sunday afternoon. It's well worth the wait. As I've gotten older I learned to be a lot more patient.

  3. My friend, who recently had knee surgery, could only talk about Meadow — so a group of friends took her there recently. Everything she pined for was worth pining for! We all left, later in the afternoon, stuffed, barely able to fit into our seats for the ride home.

  4. your review is very old and maybe you need another visit…my mom and i went to this restaurant on thursday feb 17 2011..we were very disappointed… the food was awful…the hot food was barely warm.. the cold food was not the least bit cool and the presentation of the deserts left alot to be desired…if you like fried food and undesirable vegetables laying in a coolish liquid this is the place to go..the deserts were plentiful but lacked any refridgeration,the creme deserts were melting and the icing were melting from some of them..when it came to the price for an iced tea without any ice refill or service to come by and the food the porice is $11.25 each..not worth any of that and i could recommend this place to was food poisoning waiting to happen…

  5. Mary, you ran into some bad luck I guess. I was there last week, and for eight dollars plus change and a tip I had another great meal.

  6. I went @ Christmas time. No food kept out for our PLANNED GROUP – we notified them and we left without some of the normal food EVER being put out. I just went back last weekend with another GROUP that we had reservations! I never got my tea – THE MEATS WERE NEVER FILLED FROM THE TIME WE ARRIVED until the time we left. RUDE black headed lady working; she must have been too tired to care! I give everybody a second chance; not a third! VERY POOR SERVICE and we ALL AGREED – not just one of us! Too sad – – don't waste your time.

  7. Mary we went to the restaurant tonight (October 15, 2011) and were extremely pleased. Everything was properly warmed and tasted great! Maybe it was an off night for the restaurant when you went… We went to eat there because we are contemplating having the restaurant cater our wedding next June. Please give it another try, it was pretty good!

  8. Mary must have gone at a bad time. I've been several times, spring, summer, winter, & fall and never had a bad visit. One word of warning, your cholesterol will probably be through the roof for a couple of days afterwards. They gave THE best chocolate pie I have ever tasted.

  9. Hours on Sunday are 11:00am to 2:30pm, and on Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm.

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