Mark R Lindsey

Work Management Maturity Model

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2007 at 5:13 pm

I would call this a “Time Management Maturity Model”, but Time really isn't something we can “manage”. Time comes at us, we can't control it, and we're completely unaware of about 1/3 of it.

Level 0 — Frittering
There's work to be done, but I'm not doing it. I'm not sure what work needs to be done next.

Level 1 — Ad Hoc
I'm doing some work, but I'm not sure it's the work that needs to be done. I'm choosing my work based on incoming requests — i.e., whoever yells loudest gets my attention. I might forget about some work.

Level 2 — Prioritized
I'm doing work that needs to be done, and I'm sure I'm working on a project with an earliest deadline. New work that comes in is recorded somewhere. Emergencies (i.e., items with very early deadlines) take precedent over other work.

Level 3 — Scheduled
When new work comes in, I can predict when I'll get to work on it. I consistently work on tasks according to the plan. The plan ensures that high-priority/early-deadline work is performed accordingly. For emergencies or other high-priority items, I re-arrange my schedule and am able provide updates on the new schedule.


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