Mark R Lindsey

More Analysis of Entertainment

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2007 at 11:27 pm

Arguments Against Entertainment

It seems bad to always be consuming; it smacks of greed.

It’s bad to be idle. Idleness is bad for health, and can be laziness.

Entertainment producers get lots of glory, even though their only skill may be “pretending to be other people”.

The quality of entertainment is often low, but I’ll consume it anyway. E.g., extensive time spent channel surfing.

It’s not clear when we should be working, and when I should allow myself to be entertained. And “working” can mean my job (for which I am paid), or to take care of chores, or to take care of other people.

Entertainment is not always restful; e.g., I can stay up too late at night watching television when I ought to be sleeping.

Entertainment can carry messages, and the messages often offend me. These messages are often conveyed: Sex outside of marriage is OK. Violence is a reasonable mechanism to use to solve problems. One person’s life is incomplete without attention from another person.

Producers of entertainment often lead difficult, self-destructive lives. Because of their celebrity, information about their poor choices are widely available.

Arguments for entertainment

It’s OK to admire the art of a person who is talented and/or works hard to produce it. Whatever is pure…think on these things

It’s OK to take some time to do something relaxing, between sleep and work. (I’m not completely convinced of this. I live as if I am, though.)


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