Mark R Lindsey

The Best Place to Eat at the Atlanta Airport

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2006 at 9:55 pm

The Best Place to Eat at the Atlanta Airport is definitely the
“Atlanta Bread Company” in Concourse C. ABC is a regional chain that
sells sandwiches that are always quite good. They also have salads,
soup and pastries.

The best part about the Airport ABC is the dining room that’s not
visible from the walkway of the concourse. You have to walk around
the kitchen to reach a long dining hall. The dining hall has a bar
facing the tarmac. It’s likely one of the best views of the action in
all of the airport.

The better best part about this ABC is that the food is as good as
from any standalone ABC store away from the airport. And that food is
quite good. Most airport food is like mall food: it’s better than
starving. But ABC’s food is really quite good.

Another best part is that they play music — mostly baroque — and
you’re shielded from the din of the airport announcements about
smoking in designated areas for public health and safety, and
maintaining control of your luggage at all times.


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