Mark R Lindsey

A consultant’s few tips on hiring a consultant

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2004 at 1:59 am

How easily can you communicate? Do they listen to your issues and try to understand it fully, or do they assume they know what you mean before you even state all the facts? Can they explain themselves fully?

Secrets. Are they careful with other customers’ trade secrets? If not, then they won’t be careful with yours. It’s a good sign if your introductory interview includes the consultant saying of another client, “sorry, we’re under NDA so we can’t say any more”.

How much work will they do for your business? Don’t expect the consultant to do a tremendous amount of work just to win your business. Examine their history, and consider a slow-start approach.

Appropriate experience. Don’t assume the consultant needs to know everything you know and then some more. Choose a consultant that complements your knowledge.

Organization. Are they organized? Can they structure ideas into an organized document? Do they lose emails or voice mails?


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