Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to pair a Apple Wireless (Aluminum) Keyboard

I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard that I switch between computers occasionally. Today trouble struck: it wouldn't pair with one of the computers, even after I deleted it on the previous computer it had been paired with.

I could find no documented method to have the Apple Wireless (Aluminum) Keyboard actually become discoverable and start searching for a mate. My online compatriots seemed to have one idea: remove the batteries, and put them back in. Once that fails, they're out of ideas.

But this procedure seemed to work immediately:

1. Remove the screw-on cover.

2. Press and hold the power button.

3. Screw on the cover.

The keyboard was immediately discoverable, blinking furiously for a mate.

I have a hunch that this problem occurs when the losing device is one of certain bluetooth implementations, such as the one in a 2006-era 2.1 GHz MacBook Pro.


Matt said...

Thank you! I've been trying to pair this keyboard for three days!

Swaggerrrrrrrr said...

Man, thank you so much. I have read all over, and this worked instantly. Crazy.

Bobby Burton said...

Man, thank you so much. I have read everywhere, and this is the only thing that worked.


Jim & Krisitn said...

This saved the day. I didn't go as far as resetting PRAM or anything, but I tried every pairing method I could. Your method worked (after a few tries) and I had to make sure that I set the passcode to automatic. Also of note is that my 8 month old was slobbering on it and one of the keys kept on being pressed (like a ghost was pressing it), which was the main reason I could not sync. I sprayed electronic contact cleaner on the keyboard and dried it with a can of air, and was good to go. Problem solved!