Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Canon replaces 5-year-old out-of-warranty camera -- Free

Canon just replaced my old, malfunctioning digital camera with a new
model camera -- for free! This was all part of a recall program they
setup years ago.

I'm quite surprised and grateful to them. In 2004 I bought a Canon
SD110 digital camera. It worked fine, until images started to be

Google revealed that Canon had a recall program related to this issue,
for this model of camera. It covered repairs even for cameras whose
warranties had expired. Canon replaced my camera free. They took my
long-used, 3 megapixel SD110 and gave me a refurbished, 8 megapixel
SD870. They even paid all the shipping fees.

(Footnote: When they first shipped the SD870, it too was
malfunctioning. The lens had a problem. So I had to ship it back for
repair immediately. But they fixed this for free as well. It wad
important that I called immediately after receiving the broken,
refurbished model.)

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