Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Year

Yay! One year ago just now, Oren was born. He was seven weeks early,
and we were really surprised to meet him so early. Hayden had been a
real trooper at the hospital; she showed incredible bravery, I think.
Having a baby looks scary.

We've had a lot of fun getting to know him this year. He's walking
around now, taking corners on two feet, chattering all the time. He
likes it when I spin and toss and flip him around, and he likes
sitting on my shoulders. Everyone says he's a "good", "easy" baby.
People love to comment on his blue eyes.

One lady at Baptist Village in Lake Park, Georgia, told my Mom that he
has "dancing blue eyes". She was a school teacher, and she said that
the little boys with "dancing blue eyes" are always exciting. Or
mischievous. Or maybe it was rambunctious. Anyway, something like that.

We got him a toy piano for his birthday -- but don't tell him yet!

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