Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treo 755p, Tomtom One XL, and Sprint

The TomTom can use the phone to connect to the Internet to get weather, download Points of Interest, and potentially other nifty things.

But I had never gotten it to work. Hayden was driving through a long stretch of South Carolina, and I had time to kill, so I decided to explore the options.

So I just got my Treo 755p working with my TomTom One XL using Sprint as my cell phone service provider. I have the unlimited voice and data plan with sprint.

I started the wireless connection setup on the TomTom. Then on the Treo, I turned on Bluetooth, and had it search for devices. It found the TomTom, though it only showed it as a MAC address.

I had tried to pair the TomTom to an older Treo 700p, but had no success. To make the TomTom forget the old 700p, I reset it to factory defaults. (I wish I knew a better way.)

On the TomTom, I set up the wireless data connection like so:

Device Type: other

Service Provider: other

Set it up manually? Yes

Phone number to dial: #777

Username: engineersconsulti01

Blank password (this is important)

Blank script

Note that this username is what I got from Preferences - Network - Modify. It had been set on the phone automatically via Sprint's provisioning system.

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