Friday, September 12, 2008

Magnolia's Restaurant, East Bay Street, Charleston SC

For a late lunch, we went to Magnolia, a restaurant on East Bay Street in Charleston. It was listed in our Frommer's book as "kid friendly". We usually like those places more then the haute-snobberi places.

Oren would have been fine there, but the white tablecloths make me wonder how many high chairs they actually own.

We just got two appetizers and a salad: they were home-made potato chips topped with green onion and bleu cheese, and home-made pimiento cheese.

The potato chips were a huge mound, and tasted and crunched great. The bleu cheese was good, but very strong. I'd never had the opportunity (outside of France) to tire of cheese at a meal. Eventually, both Hayden and I were looking for chips with no bleu cheese. This dish was good, though.

What can you say at a duet of lute and trumpet? The lute sure looks nice. The pimiento cheese was somehow overpowered by the flavor of the bleu cheese. It's hard to judge that dish.

Overall, Magnolia's was quite pleasant and had good service. We'd go back for a full meal.

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