Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anonymizers and Copious Logging

The purpose of an anonymizer, I suppose, is to hide your location on the Internet.

This is from a story about the person who logged in to access Sarah Palin's Yahoo email:

Gabriel Ramuglia who operates Ctunnel, the internet anonymizing service the hacker used to post the information from Palin's account to the 4chan forum, told Threat Level this morning that the FBI had contacted him yesterday to obtain his traffic logs. Ramuglia said he had about 80 gigabytes of logs to process and hadn't yet looked for the information the FBI was seeking but planned to be in touch with the agents today.

He runs an anonymizer, and he keeps logs.

You can't subpoena something that doesn't exist. So if you're going to run an anonymizer, and you're actually trying to help people keep secrets, then don't log it! It's almost as if Ramuglia's "Ctunnel" is akin to entrapment.

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