Friday, September 26, 2008

Alcohol and the "Executive User's Conference"

I attend a yearly autumnal "Executive User's Conference". It's a source of some business, and I learn some things.

But one of the frustrating parts is all the alcohol. I guess it reminds these people of their college days. The saddest part is when we actually try to talk about business and technical issues. Many of these "executives" don't need anything to make them less competent.

The dinners at these events are some of the worst. Yeah, the food can be OK -- if you get there early enough. And they have ample waiters, but often they run out of food. And no amount of wait staff makes up for missing meat: you're not allowed to slice up one of the waiters and put them on the barbeque. Maybe I'll skip the dinners this time.

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grump said...

According to research done at Harvard Medical School, the benefits of alcohol in moderate amounts outweighs the negative effects.

However, drinking until you're unable to stop somebody from suspending you from a hotel clothes hanger doesn't qualify as moderate drinking.