Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm starting to wonder if I have some basic problem with entertainment. I like entertainment; I consume a good bit of it. But I'm not completely convinced that I ought to be. And I'm not sure what my obligations are to select entertainment in the context of the producer.

E.g., the Dixie Chicks won a bunch of awards lately -- Grammy Awards. The awards are being interpreted as a political statement, because one of the members of the Dixie Chicks commercial enterprise said some politically-charged things about the current U.S. President. Is it entertainment, or is it politics? Or is the politics the part of the entertainment -- to make them modern rebels?


grump said...

Yes, you do have a problem with entertainment, and not with the particular state of entertainment, or the entertainment industry, or the melding of entertainment and politics. Nope, you've got a bad case of Puritan Guilt.

As a fake internet doctor, I prescribe:
*One of these. Take with travel.
*Seven of these, to be applied topically.

You can cure yourself, but it will take lots of hardly working. I think you're up for the challenge.

grump said...

You can fill the first part of your prescription here.

Co-pays and deductibles may apply.