Monday, January 29, 2007

Building packages

Building and installing packages has gotten easy. I'm running "Fink
Commander" right now on my laptop, and it's chugging away through
building the subversion client.

Back in MY day, when I first got into Unix stuff where you had to
build packages, compiling a package was a hassle. My first Unix
account was SunOS 4, and we didn't have GCC; we just had that buggy
SunOS compiler that all of the "Makefile"'s would complain about. It
took REAL COURAGE to compile something and get it to actually run.

That's why I had personal versions of pine, irc, etc., in my home
directory. No, wait; the irc client was just named "pine" -- that's
right. I got some questions about that later.

Maybe building packages hasn't gotten easier; only the package
maintainers have gotten better about organizing their packages for
automated installation.

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